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Fighting evil by moonlight.  Selling propane by daylight.


Fighting evil by moonlight.  Selling propane by daylight.


Stars on Ice will be televised on NBC


Airdate: Sunday, April 13, from 3-4 pm ET according to the SoI Facebook

Tune in and watch the skating cuties. Even if you’re attending the tour, you may see different skaters on the broadcast than will be available, as Max Aaron, Jason Brown, Polina Edmunds, and Castelli and Schnapir are only…

My friends, don’t ask me what your sacrifice was for…

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I absolutely love the fact that the USA fans are calling the Canadians whiners at the moment. Let’s all take a moment to think about what would have happened if Tessa and Scott won. Because I’m almost certain that there would be just as many USA whiners as their are Canadians. Now take into…

I’m American, and I agree with this! I’m super happy for Meryl and Charlie and hoped they would win since Tessa and Scott have their gold (that they won AT HOME) and I feel like Tessa and Scott had their moment in Vancouver and nothing could ever match that. Meryl and Charlie deserved a gold because not only are they at the peak of their technical excellence and skating ability but god dammit it is their time. However, I really do wish their score wasn’t so far and away from Tessa and Scott’s. Not only does it ignite further the idea of a judging scandal, but they were really both so perfect and their scores should’ve matched that evenness of perfection. Ice dancing is frustrating in that way because once it gets that close, it really is all about the bias and who the judges have a personal preference for. It also definitely has to do with momentum of the season. I think the judges felt it was finally Meryl and Charlie’s time too. That large of a gap kind of taints the gold in my mind, which is sad. But I do think they deserved it. I hate for people to say that Tessa and Scott are far and away superior to Meryl and Charlie, because I think they’re so evenly matched. Whatever people think of the results now, no doubt they’ll both go down in history as the best ice dancers of all time, along with Torvill and Dean.


Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the United States compete in the Figure Skating Ice Dance Free Dance (2/17/14)

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Why I Tried to Kill Myself at Penn


During my sophomore year at Penn, I tried to kill myself by swallowing a bottle of Wellbutrin. I spent 4 days in the hospital.

Penn’s response? – Sending some administrator to see me in the hospital (HUP). The first and only thing that she said was, “Are we going to make this an annual pattern?”…

Why patriarchy fears the scissors: for women, short hair is a political statement


I have heard comments like those referred to in this article SO MUCH in the last few months since I cut my hair, mostly on YouTube, the home of 12-18 year olds.

The ones that confuse and hurt me the most are like this one I got last week:
“Love your videos, will be back when you grow your hair out.”

Uh, ok? My hair doesn’t affect what words come out of my mouth, dude? But he can’t see me as anything else, I guess. Guys like him tune in because I’m attractive to them. Without long hair, I’m not attractive to them. Ergo…goodbye. The substance of my work doesn’t matter because my looks are the only context they have for me in their lives. And that makes me sad, because I’ve always tried to be more than that, without screaming it in people’s faces.

And it makes me sad for THEM actually. Because with that attitude towards women, they might be missing out on meeting an awesome girl/woman for themselves in their real lives. But we exist in a culture that only treats women as paper doll cutouts we can get aroused/attracted to. Our media does that to us, men do it to women, women do it to other women. I mean, how many animated GIFS of women are reblogged on Tumblr for their WORK rather than a dress they wear or a pretty pose? It’s an interesting question, one that even I might have a bad record with.

So part of me doesn’t even blame those YouTube guys. But it does make me want to show them that there are other ways to be, even if they cut me out of their online video lives, I still exist as who I am, out of their very rigidly defined parameters of “female-dom”. And maybe that’s enough. Just to BE.

Think I’ll be keeping my hair short for a long time.



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greatest tumblr post of all time



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greatest tumblr post of all time

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  • accidentally thinks about something awkward i did three years ago
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